Hey You.
You’re a pretty awesome person, am I right?

Maybe you’ve got good friends, a great family, and a job that pays the bills.
When someone asks you “How’s life?” You tell them “Oh, it’s alright, thanks.”
But here’s your problem: that’s about as far as it goes.

You haven’t had a BIG ADVENTURE in eons.
You have yet to BUST FREE of your not-so-great habits.
You’ve got GLORIOUSLY IMPRACTICAL dreams that are gathering dust.
You aren’t THRILLED TO BITS when the alarm goes off – and the snooze button is your bff.

You need more than a change this time. You need a SOUL ROCKIN’, MIND-BLOWIN’, FIRE-UNDER-YOUR-ASS kinda push to get you up and out of this rut you’ve made a comfy little home in!

And baby, I’ve got just the thing you need. Introducing:

AUDACITY RULES: A cathartic shove towards self-actualized brilliance.
This self-guided coaching program is a compilation of my six years of helping peeps like you elevate from ‘pretty awesome’ into absolutely extraordinary individuals.

My coaching clients pay up to $1000 to learn all this fabulous know-how, but now I’m bringing my hard-earned knowledge to the masses in one totally affordable, oh-so-easy-on-the-eyes package that you can work through on your own time.

I’ve packed all my juiciest, awesomest, most life-altering wisdom & strategies into one simply gorgeous illustrated adventure.

AUDACITY RULES will take you dancing through 12 inspiration-packed steps designed to give you a cathartic shove towards self-actualized brilliance. Think of it as your toolkit of bad-assery.

Some of the goodness you’ll find under the hood:

  • groovy goal-setting
  • productivity + personal accountability
  • confidence + self-efficacy
  • productive, pro-active, adventurous dreaming

I’ll also set you up with a boatload of kick-ass resources to help you get those daredevil dreams of yours in motion!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention . . .
This book comes with its very own playground.

AUDACITY RULES + Webventure Workbook

Yep, that’s right. I’ve also created a whole ridiculously fun, interactive mini-workshops online in the PACT Webventure Workbook.

Each chapter has its own private coaching exercise, hand-picked by moi, just for you.

I’ve got loads of Audacity-fueling coaching exercises, success stories, and personal examples that’ll rock your world view.

This self-guided coaching program + playground is just a $50 investment in your own brilliance.

Quickie note: My coaching clients pay $250/hr for 1-on-1 work. You’re getting all of my PACT wonderfulness, AND a fabulous webventure workbook for a fraction of that price – in a beautiful package that lets you go at your own perfect pace. Pretty groovy, huh?

By the end of your journey, you’ll discover your most EXTRAORDINARY self — the version of you that turns heads, illuminates the room, and radiates irrepressible action, confidence, and tenacity.

So, I ask you . . .
Are you ready to SHINE?
Are you ready to INSPIRE everyone around you with your newfound chutzpah?
Are you ready to ROCK THIS LIFE harder than ever before?

Hell yeah! Me too.

Let’s do this!

AUDACITY RULES + Webventure Workbook

About Coach Jennie

Jennie Mustafa-JulockHey there, extraordinary-person-in-training . . .

I’m Jennie Mustafa-Julock. But if you’re pressed for time, you can call me Coach Jennie.

I help “pretty awesome” people crank up the volume on their goals, ambitions + missions, transforming into self-actualized, adventurous, AUDACIOUS individuals.

My clients ditch corporate jobs to become cruise ship entertainment directors, jump outta the classroom and into educational lobbyist positions, and leave government posts to pursue heart-fueled careers in pediatric nursing.

Audacity is YOURS to define. And I’m here to help you create your own meaning and design a lifestyle to match.

I specialize in catalyzing full-tilt, 180° vocational flips. I draw from my fancy-pants background as a Human Resources Organizational Development Consultant to diagnose suckdom, delineate strategies + drive you into your next Big-Ass Dream.

If you feel like a bright orange starburst in a square-peg world, I’m the coach you’ve been looking for. And I cannot wait to meet you.